IKS Collaborations

Every great nation teaches the core essentials of its civilization to its students. It is meant to give every student (regardless of the branch he chooses to study), an idea about the path breaking ideas, greatest scholars and best books that were produced in that civilization. The Centre for Indic Studies has integrated Indic Knowledge System with a view to explain the core traits of Indian culture to the students. Indic Knowledge System (IKS) is a collective quest of a very wide range of themes by Indians. Such a comprehensive quest for a vast knowledge system has no parallel in the history of humankind. Yet, Indian ideas and frameworks have received very little attention in our educational institutions, resulting in the self-alienation of Indians from their cultural and intellectual roots. In sharp contrast, educational institutions in the western countries teach a core curriculum that is common to all disciplines. This core curriculum is taught with a view to inculcate the fundamental ideas of western civilization so that students are grounded in Western ideas and frameworks. It is unfortunate that no such Indic core curriculum is taught in Indian universities, leaving students clueless about their cultural identity.

In an attempt to resolve this predicament, the Centre for Indic Studies has developed a foundational core curriculum on Indic Knowledge System. This provides the students with a fundamental knowledge of our profound ideas and greatest innovations. It makes them aware of the ideas that India exported to the world. It tells them why India was the intellectual powerhouse of the ancient times. It helps them understand the indigenous knowledge system and the role it played in these great discoveries.

The National Education Policy (NEP-2020) also recognizes that such a program is the need of the hour and it encourages educational institutions to make Indic Knowledge System an essential part of their curriculum. The various modules on IKS related areas are also recommended by AICTE and UGC to be incorporated in academia across various streams. Therefore, in accordance with the latest UGC guidelines and the new National Education Policy, the Centre for Indic Studies is involved in the integration of Indic Knowledge System (IKS) in the various constituent institutes of Indus University by incorporating courses such as Foundational Course on IKS as the mandatory module for all disciplines,  ‘Indian Aesthetics’ in the Design Institute; ‘Temple Architecture’ in the Architecture School and ‘Indian Models of Business & Economy’ in the Management Institute. We have trained more than 2,500 students and over 500 faculty members in various aspects of IKS. Our endeavour is to fulfil the mandate of the National Education Policy and also to raise awareness, among our younger generation, about the great spiritual, cultural and knowledge traditions of India.

The Centre for Indic Studies is committed to impart holistic IKS training on the following themes:

  1. Comprehensive modules on India’s intellectual, literary, artistic, social, scientific and technological heritage, grounded in a multidisciplinary approach.
  2. Special experiential sessions on Yoga, Ayurveda, Rituals, Classical Music and Dance to dive deep into the experiential components of IKS
  3. India’s contribution to world thought and culture; exploring how India was the knowledge hub of the ancient times.
  4. Various IKS frameworks that are relevant in the 21st century.
  5. Indic Research Methodologies that offer unique and indigenous perspectives to engage in research on Indic themes.

With more than a decade of experience in exploring IKS, the CIS team comprises scholars from diverse backgrounds including history, philosophy, linguistics, sciences, and classical arts. This enables us to provide a holistic implementation of Indic Knowledge System curriculum on India's intellectual, literary, artistic, social, scientific and technological heritage.

If you are passionate about implementing IKS in your institution, it would be our privilege to help you incorporate IKS through the following modes:-

  1. Wide range of IKS courses
  2. Faculty Development Programs (FDP)
  3. Short workshops on fundamental themes of IKS
  4. Introductory Lectures about IKS
  5. Content Development

For further information, please contact us at : indicstudies@indusuni.ac.in