Dharma: The Source of Spiritual and Cultural Unity of India: In this lecture, we will discuss the fundamental concept of Dharma and the role it plays in shaping various streams of Indic Knowledge System. We will find out the essential difference between Dharma and Religion for better understanding of Indian spirituality and scriptures. We will also explore the concept of Dharma as the most important uniting force in India.

Sacred Spaces: The Source of Geographical Unity of India: In this lecture, we will discuss the Indic concept of Space and its role in shaping the sacred geography of India. The cultural integration of India was an important contribution of the Vedic civilization, with the creation of a sacred geography through various pilgrimage traditions and pan-Indic legends.

State and Society in India: In this lecture, we will discuss the distinct concepts and systems of polity and governance that developed in India over time. This lecture will highlight the systems of Indic governance that harmoniously balance different power structures in society. We will look at some of the dominant features and mechanisms of early Indian society, with inputs from literary, archaeological and epigraphical sources.