Indic Knowledge System

Core Curriculum

Indus University

Why This Course?

India has always been a knowledge society. To perpetuate the knowledge tradition, a nation needs institutions to carry it from one generation to another. India always had such institutions. In modern times, the University system is the carrier of this knowledge tradition. The universities are full of creative talent. The modern youth has a lot of energy. Knowing the cumulative strengths of their culture and society will help them give perspective and channel their creative energy to meaningful purpose.

While some civilizations in the world have focused on the rational and scientific side of human being, some others have instead given great merit to the emotional and the ideological side. The great genius of India is that it has never encouraged compartmentalized thinking. It has managed to find a perfect balance of the rational and the emotional, the scientific and the traditional. It has always maintained a wide variety and multiplicity of thoughts, languages, lifestyles and scientific, artistic and philosophical perceptions. And that is why it has given holistic and sustainable solutions to the problems of the world. This course will help the student in understanding the way through which this was accomplished.

It is a comprehensive course on India's intellectual, literary, artistic, social, scientific and technological heritage. This course aims at providing a broad overview of Indian thought in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary mode.

List of Lectures

Semester I
1 Dharma: The Source of Spiritual and Cultural Unity of India
2 Sacred Spaces: The Source of Geographical Unity of India
3 State and Society in India
4 Indian Philosophy
5 Education in India
6 Foundations of Indian Art
7 Schools of Thought Systems
8 Indian Drama
9 Women in India
10 Ethics and Values
11 Indian Aesthetics
12 Indian Models of Economy, Business and Management
13 Indian Language and Grammar
14 Indian Literature
15 India and the World – I
Semester II
1 Ayurveda
2 Medical Tradition in India
3 Indian Ecological Tradition
4 Indian Calendar
5 Architecture as the Sacred Geometry
6 India and the World – II
7 Indian Theory of Emotion
8 Temple as a Living Tradition
9 History of Science in India
10 Indian Logic
11 Indian Painting
12 History of Technology in India
13 Indian Music
14 Indus Sarasvati Civilization
15 The Aryan Debate